Just another day in my bizarre family life

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This entry has been slightly modified to save someone’s face.

Scene of crime: Kitchen

Upon stepping out of the bathroom, I saw a *hairband* shoved behind a pail. The  same *hairband* that I threw into the dustbin days ago cos it was spoiled, and I even pushed it right in the bottom cos i knew someone would pounced on it and “rescue” the hairband.

“GUA GUA!!!!”

The frog comes bouncing in, knowing he got caught. Again.


The frog flinched, looking guilty and sheepish, as I stared at him with arms on my hips, with no intention of letting him off without a huge scolding.

Just then, the bathroom door clanked open, and little boy who was in the bathroom finishing up his bath (or more like playing with water) looked at me with wide open eyes.


And he just kept looking at us, not understanding why we laughed so hard. Since we were too busy laughing our heads off, he asked again, “The fish eat your *hairband*, IS IT?”

Thanks to little boy, the frog was saved from a big lecture on picking up things from the dustbin and hiding them.

And that’s just another day in my bizarre (but funny) family life.

Another story…

Few days back, I made fresh orange juice for him which he liked very much and served it to him in his little plastic cup that looked like a champagne cup, with a stem. It has been used for weeks, and i’m not sure when part of the base got broken, but I used it anyway.

So he went “Thank you Mee Mee” very sweetly, and I replied “You’re welcome Ian”.

(Btw, little boy is ultra polite especially with me, and says his thank yous, pleases, and welcomes wonderfully whenever he’s with me. Mind you, not because he’s afraid of me (which would be Mr Gua Gua’s hypothesis). I would like to think it’s because he models after me, and of cos, he loves my approval.)

As I was walking back to the kitchen, little boy noticed the broken part of the base, and he said “Mee mee, this cup broken! Did you step on it?”

“Yes…” Actually I didn’t, but it was easier to say yes than to explain what happened to the cup, which I didn’t know either.

“Need plaster…” I thought he wanted to scotch tape the cup. “…for your leg?”

Awww… and i went back to assure him that i didn’t step on the cup, and don’t need the plaster.

My sweet sweet little boy… 🙂

On a high!

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Today’s been an extremely productive day for me. Not gonna bother listing it all down, but i’m just amazed that the busier i get, the quicker i move, the more energised i am feeling. Despite being a pretty long day and that it’s 12.42 AM now, i’m feeling all hyped up and excited about all the things i have done today.

Brandon’s words come to me, “When you move one step towards Grace, Grace comes rushing a thousand steps towards you.”

Well, i moved so many steps today, that i feel like the universe is really setting things in motion for me. My next EFT workshop being a huge success is becoming less of a wish/hope and more of a certainty for me. While i used to care and still care about the numbers, now i’m just feeling excited at the thought of being able to shine my light towards all those beautiful souls coming to attend the workshop, so they may be reminded of THEIR light too. Perhaps, some of them are here to remind me further of mine.

Just like my client today. He’s a tough one… yet, ironically, he’s also been the most obedient one. He’s the first client that i practically commanded to tap while talking THRUOUT our session, which sometimes lasts over 2 hours. Partly cos he’s one of my most “desperate” clients, partly cos i know he trusts me very much.

Anyways, today he’s finally ready for what i deem as “real therapy” and out of impulse, i did my tapping cum toning stuff with him. He’s the 2nd person i’m doing toning with. Just felt like this was the best thing for him, cos he loves to argue and be analytical with me… so better to let him sit there and be quiet and just absorb everything like a sponge. 😛

Well, i literally felt like a tuning fork today. Alternated visualising myself as a conduit with the universe’s healing energy running through me, and visualising myself as Medicine Buddha. My voice came out smooth and rich, and i felt the vibration through my heart, solar plexus and base of my throat. I kinda let the sounds come out on its own, and i was quite fascinated at the modulations of my voice and how my body resonated in response.

My client said that pains in his body started appearing during the toning and tapping, and settled down again when i stopped. Well, we had a mini breakthrough today cos he finally connected to a younger him, and in fact, had huge emotions rolling through him as he was conversing with him silently. I have learnt not to insist on checking in on the dialogue that was going on just for the sake of satisfying my own curiosity and indulging in the fantasy that i am the director of the process, when i’m merely the facilitator and the holding space. So i just did my own stuff, and he did his own stuff, and i guess something in me just knew that something was going on, just that i don’t have to know what it was exactly about.

I did know that i felt VERY good after the session. All that toning must have cleared some of my own stuff as well. My face was totally radiant when i looked into the mirror, and I was super energised for the rest of the day. Wow… i sure can do this for the whole day if possible. Maybe i should… (universe, u think?)

I am also connecting with lots of people today, both on friendship level and on marketing level. It’s all good, cos i can no longer differentiate btw the two. It feels like my friends can help me market my work, and the people that i’m connect to cos of work can also potentially become my friends in future. In fact, there is an ex-workshop participant who is a super strong supporter of my EFT work, and another who is going to ask her temple organisation about the possibility of me giving free talks there.

Perhaps all these movements are partly cos of my letting go of my need to be in control, or manage outcomes. Well, Master Khor did tell me that i’m going to be very successful… and in a way, i guess i never doubted that. So that’s external confirmation on top of the huge faith that i already have. These days, whenever i remember, I send the universe my request to “USE ME” (something i read from a testimonial by a Journey practitioner, and impacted upon me deeply). Yup, just use me… as Christian as it sounds (and i’m writing that only cos i know i have Buddhist friends reading this),  use me to do God’s work, to be the best that i can be.

Remembering that i just need to keep doing what i love doing, and things WILL turn out fine, i am losing the need to fret and worry. Well, the latter still comes back every once in a while. Old habits die hard. But i’m definitely getting better at going with the flow and just shine my love and gifts out into the world. 🙂

I’m definitely very blessed that i am given the time and space to do the work i love, and my family supports me, and they are taken care of as well. Especially little boy. He’s such a wise kiddo, and so sensitive and understanding for his age. On our HK trip, he told me “Mee-mee work very hard.” I’m sure my MIL must have taught him that, but still, it’s so touching to hear these words coming from him, and be reminded that he does truly support my work as well, even if it means i can’t spend that much time with him.

Whatever time i do spend with him, i do make sure it is spent well. HK trip was fabulous for all 3 of us. Well, ironically after my last post on the HK trip where i mentioned how I seem to be better at keeping my cool and staying relaxed, the temper outbursts came after that. Not from little boy la… from me.

On one morning, as little boy was watching his favourite Disney channel, Mr Gua Gua was taking his time to prepare to go out, and I was doing my work on the laptop, I thought I smelled something…something that smelled like poop.

So i asked little boy, “little boy, did you poop poop?”

“Noooo….” came his drawl.

“Are you sure you didn’t poop poop?”


So we left it at that, and assumed that he farted or something.

Moments later, the smell got stronger, and i went over to check his night diapers. Arghhhh, it was filled with poop! I rushed him to the toilet to take off his pants, only to find smudges of poop inside. Worse still, Mr Gua Gua called out from outside to tell me that there was poop on the hotel bed too.

I was so angry that i ranted at little boy for not telling me that he pooped, and getting his clothes and the hotel bed messed up. The intensity of my anger was so strong that little boy burst into tears. So i shut up, albeit still angry, and got him washed up and wearing clean clothes, with him sobbing throughout.

I then carried him to the bed, seated him on the edge and sat next to him. He was still crying, and it was practically impossible for me to talk to him.

Remembering what my mum said about how he would quiet down very quickly when left on his own, i went back to my comp to do my work. True enough, within the next minute, he settled down, looked at me and meekly called out, “Mee-mee!”

“Yes… do you know why i was angry at you?”

No response, just a dewy-eyed look at me.

“Is it because you poop poop?”

He nodded his head.

“Noooooo….. that’s not why i was angry at you.”

He looked surprised, and a glimmer of smile appeared on his lips as he realised i was testing him.

“Is it because you watch TV?”

“Yesss…” He nodded his head woefully.

“Noooooo…. i’m not angry at you because you watch TV.”

His smile got a millimetre wider.

“Is it because you lie on the bed?”

Pause, as he wasn’t sure how to respond. Then, “Yesss….” with a nodding of his head.

“Noooooooo… i’m not angry at you because of that.” By this time, little boy was looking happy again and looked at me with anticipation. “I was angry at you because you poop poop and you told me no poop poop, and because you told me no poop poop, you got your pants and the hotel bed dirty. Mee-mee angry at you because you bluff me. Understand?”


“Next time when you poop poop, will you tell Mee-Mee?”


Well, that very same evening, when we were back in the hotel room, he came up to me, “Poop poop!” I plopped him on the toilet bowl while he did his business . Which is not so bad cos he clowns around even on the toilet bowl. Sometimes he scrunches up his face in mock frustration. Sometimes he even shakes his entire body as he goes “Mmmmmmm….”. This evening, as his poop fell into the toilet bowl, he quipped, “Like raining.” and then chuckled at his own joke. Haha… funny boy.

As i pulled his pants up, he told me, “Poop poop must tell Mee mee.”

“Yes, thank you very much, that is MUCH appreciated.”

Well, he does learn his lessons quickly! 😛

The only regret i have about spending so much time on work instead of with little boy is that he is such a funny and intelligent conversationist (which he def got from Mr Gua Gua), i miss out on funny little dialogues and don’t get to blog them down. I do hear them from Mr Gua Gua… but sometimes i wonder if he is exaggerating a little.

Like today, Mr Gua Gua took little boy to the temple to bath Baby Buddha, and he told me that little boy selected a pictorial Dharma book that depicted Buddha’s life. According to Mr Gua Gua, little boy was saying something like “This book for children. Children can read. Too hard, children cannot read.” Err…  something like that?

Well, i know little boy’s language and understanding abilities are good, but to say something like that is just mind-boggling.

Still, i would never wish to underestimate my dear little boy. He’s simply amazing… just wish that i am around him more so i can be amazed by him more often!

Well, will be going on a trip with little boy and my relatives to Sabah in the next few days. Mr Gua Gua has his Vesak plans and won’t be going. I’m definitely looking forward to having a totally fun and relaxed holiday with little boy, esp to see my relatives having fun with him. Hopefully will capture more memorable moments on blog!

What’s in a name

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Two funny exchanges with little boy…

Little boy called me Mum for the first time. When i heard it, my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped. “MUM???” Little boy was so tickled by my expression, he called me again, “Mum!”

“Noooo… it’s Mee-Mee!”

“Noooo… it’s MUM!”

ARGH. “You’re too young to call me Mum!”


Yikes…. thank goodness that was it. Aside from calling me Mum one more time the next day, he is back to calling me Mee-Mee…. whew!

Second incident. He had an extra long nap on Sunday. When he woke up, he kinda sleepwalked to the living room, and in a daze, he said in Mandarin “Zhi4 Shan4 (his name) qi lai le.”  (i woke up already)

I was surprised cos he never said that before, and he never addressed himself by his chinese name at home, though I know his teachers call him Zhi Shan in school. So i replied, “Zhi4 Shan4 qi lai la!”

“Huh?” He seemed to snap out of his post-nap daze and looked genuinely surprised. “Don’t call me Zhi4 Shan4! Call me Ian!”

“Oh, i cannot call you Zhi4 Shan4, must call you Ian?”


Haha…. just thought it’s funny how we both have preferences on how we want to be addressed by each other.

Of cos, Mr Gua Gua likes to be addressed as Gua Gua… but the rest of you can call him Mr Gua Gua. 😛

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