The creative bug

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For the past 2 days, I have been busy doing research on baby photography and videography tips, video montage and editing websites, songs for baby video montages, etc etc – and BOY, do I feel really excited! It got me thinking about the scrapbooking I did for little boy when he was young, that I spent so many hours on. This morning, Mr Gua Gua managed to find little boy’s scrapbook for me, and I was also looking at the remaining scrapbook pages on my blog that I don’t know if I printed out for myself. Wah… I was really creative (and really FREE) back then. They were really nicely done, and give me such a lovely feeling inside. In fact, I’m almost tempted to do scrapbooking again….. hmmm…..

So now my dilemma is, more or less words for little girl’s photo album. Previously I was inspired by an ABC album I saw, which had a bundle of photos for EACH letter (instead of one¬†photo per letter) which is a bit more challenging in the sense that I need to make sure I get more quality photos, but also much easier cos I just need to lay the photos out nicely on the page and I can keep it simple. It would be more practical for little girl’s reading purposes, but what about the little stories for when she grows up? Hmm…. unless I create a separate memoir for her, like what I am doing for little boy? Actually for the first year, there would probably be less “action” and hence, fewer stories to tell. So maybe the ABC album + the photo/video montage might be good enough. I am also keeping in mind that the creative projects I am doing for little girl and little boy should be about the same, in case either of them accuses me of favouritism (but of cos, I think i’m gonna dote on little girl very much more :P) . So little boy has 2 scrapbook albums, one of his 1st year, one of his 2nd year, and a “For my little boy” memoir, which covers the 1st 2 years of his life or so. As for little girl, the ABC album and the montage is for her first year. Maybe I can create some story telling project to document her 2nd year and beyond? Hmmm…. would little boy think it’s unfair if I were to make more projects for little girl? After all, she is probably my last baby and she would be with me all the time, so there will be much more opportunities to document her growing up.

The other thing is, I kinda feel that girls will appreciate these things a lot more. What if I make so many things for little boy, and he ends up disregarding them? I will strangle him!!!! (just kidding) Anyway, I really did spend many many hours doing up those scrapbook layouts for him, and the for my little boy memoir is going to be 100 over pages… so perhaps that should be sufficient. MORE than sufficient in fact. I really wonder when will he ever wanna read all the letters I wrote to him. HMMM…..

Anyway, i’m really glad that i’m planning on how to document little girl’s early years already, especially in the blogging aspect. Cos to be honest, I think I blogged so much about little boy that I don’t know if or how to put the highlights in little boy’s memoir. The ones I categorised under letters to little boy and conversations with little boy are easy enough. But when I was looking through the scrapbooking pages just now, I realised that I have even more stories about little boy. So the question is, will little boy be interested enough to read about them, or will it be overkill. Hmm… maybe I shld do more research on this, if anyone else out there had documented their blogs about their kids into some book or something. Cos to be honest, even I find my letters to little boy a little long-winded. So reminder to myself, keep little girl’s anecdotes short and sweet and organised properly!

Maybe I shld spend some time reading the entries under all about little boy and filter out the really interesting ones for the memoir.


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