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This is the 4th time i’m participating in this event. By now, i know enough not to expect anything, since the 1st 3 times of participation were all different. First one was exciting. Second one was great but tiring. 3rd, i was on my own instead of representing the counselling centre i was working at, and i was a lot more steady, and HUGE profits.

This time, I was sharing the booth with dear Ailee, and as a results, lots of laughs! I have never laughed so much at the fair before, not just with Ailee, but with old friends, new friends, and pple whom i was meeting for the first time. It was great! The turnout this year was quite low, which everyone commented about, but the upside of that was that i had the chance to connect with other exhibitors, try out some of the services and even attend some of the workshops. If i put money out of the picture, i would say this is the best festival for yet. It was so fun to mingle around, and this time, i had pple coming up to me, telling me they have heard of me from friends, etc… which is slightly strange, but in a good way i guess. I am the EFT gal after all…wldn’t mind getting famous for that (but hopefully not for other stuff :P).

The best part was, i got to meet so many friends and past EFT workshop participants! A few of these pple came just to support me, and i feel very very blessed for that. These 2 days, the no. of hugs I got outweighed the no. of demos i gave… so unexpectedly, i seem to be more on the receiving end during this fair.

Perhaps cos i needed it too. Something unpleasant happened for me on the 1st night of the fair. Really really unpleasant. Next morning i woke up with puffy eyes, but managed to get myself centred with meditation, chanting and Inner Dance. Nevertheless, since the first day was a little unsettled for me, i was wondering if i could be able to make it through the next day. Then i thought, “Well, let the universe take care of the day for me.”

As usual, whenever i surrender everything to the universe, things work out even better than expected. I received a beautiful sekum (can’t rem the spelling) healing from Rudy, a lady from Hongkong who runs a spiritual centre there, and it’s really powerful stuff. She actually came  up to my booth to ask if i wished to have the healing, and she didn’t even charge me for it. Very very kind lady… gratitude to Lee for connecting me with her.

After that, things just got even better. I finally started having pple comign up to me for EFT demos, and had a few books and cards sold. Sales this round is definitely not as good compared to the last rounds, partly due to the low turnout, but i received a lot of love! Which is even better…haha…

Then i had this very exciting lunch with a spiritual friend who had a very thrilling vision to share with me. The moment i heard it, i told him i’m in! It’s about bringing healing to the public, without them even knowing it’s about healing. That’s great, cos those who are open to healing are not the ones who need healing most. The reason why i’m attracted to EFT is because it’s a great technique for the layperson to learn for self-healing purpose. Perhaps that’s why i connect so well with this friend. Seems like we have a similar purpose of bridging spirituality with the secular world. Talking with him about his vision definitely revved up my energy a few notches!

I also managed to connect a few pple to one another which was just as thrilling for me. It’s fun! I love to see pple making connections cos synergy is the way to go, if we are looking at global transformation. And of cos, i love to see my friends becoming friends with one another… my spiritual family is getting bigger!

It’s interesting to see how this entry differs from my update on one of the previous fairs where i was listing down all the numbers… no. of books sold, no. of flyers given out, amount of donations collected, etc. Well, that was when i was still working at the counselling centre where data collection is oh-so-very-important (but which i hate!). This entry is all about the love and connections. Guess i’m getting more right-brained… thank God!

I also learnt a lot about grounding. I was told by Remedia and Rudy that I was not very grounded, and both taught me different grounding methods which did me a lot of good. Seems like my soul likes to fly away a lot. According to Ruth, eating chocolates and meats help to ground the body – so that explains why i can eat a lot of both at times, though i’m neither a chocoholic nor a meat-eater. Now I understand… and no more guilt/anxiety about eating these unhealthy foods from now on. I eat whatever my body needs!

Ok… so many exclamation marks today, i’m sure in a gushing mood. Guess i’m just feeling very very grateful for the friends in my life. Friendship has become a very big focus in my life this year, which is a big difference from previous years where i was preoccupied with family and was in a hermit phase as well. Especially in the last month, I am reconnecting with my friends in a huge way, and a lot of them came to my booth these 2 days, even the not very new agey ones. Seeing these dear smiling faces really perk me up, and i want to give the universe a BIG thank you for every single one of them. Thank you so much universe for blessing me with these wonderful folks with big hearts and noble souls!

Sigh… oh well… i have a feeling that that message i got “Even when things get tough, we will keep you on the right track” just might be referring to the future after all. But with the friends around me, and EFT and Inner Dance, and prayers… i know things would turn out beautifully in the end. All i need to do is to breathe, and go with the flow… and l0vvveeee…..

Morning blessings

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Every morning I have been doing the Inner Dance to the music of Faith Rivera. The free sampling of music on her website ( is the perfect mix of groove and inspiration to bring out the dancer in me. It’s the perfect way to start the day. Even better than yoga and pilates. I get to loosen my muscles, crack my bones, shake up the stale energy and discard them away, and most importantly, i feel like I am dancing in praise to the universe, rejoicing in my own spirit and connecting to my true essence.

Life is one big synchronicity these days. The timing of everything has been perfect, and i’m grateful to be able to recognise that. 2 days ago I met some new friends at Ailee’s place, and there were some things being discussed that were very exciting indeed. Entering Ailee’s house is like entering this world of love, blessings and affirmations. She makes me feel so optimistic and excited about the new earth that is soon to be here, and more and more, i see myself playing my part to support the shifts up ahead.

How? Actually, simpler than i used to think. Simply by being myself. By dancing, singing, being present in the now. By thinking less from the head, and anchoring myself in my heart. By trusting in the flow of Life, and rejoicing in all the blessings around me.

I am indeed very blessed. Friendship is becoming a more significant part of my life this year, especially so in the last few weeks. I have just renewed 2 precious old friendships, and i feel as though I have also rediscovered those aspects of myself that I have somehow neglected or forgotten. This signifies to me that I am coming into wholeness, ready to embrace all of life.

And yesterday, I had lunch with A whom i’m starting to regard as my soul sister. It seems like almost every time i have a good chat with her, I learn something profound from the words she say. Like me, she is honest and blunt, with a terrific sense of humour. Our lunch buffet stretched to a 3 hour one, and by the end of it, my heart (and stomach!) was completely filled and satiated, from the fun and meaningful discussion we had about relationships, ourselves,  and life.

So thank you universe, for sending such wonderful people into my life who can bring out the best in me and allow me to learn about myself in the gentlest way.

Life almost feels like a dance these days. There is a smooth, fluid energy within and around me, and there is a ceasing of the need to control, plan, worry, and be anywhere else but now. Of cos, there are times when my thoughts still wander back to the past, or anticipate the future. But thanks to Ailee’s demo of Heartmath (a device that measures how congruent you are with your heart), i know that i can simply reconnect to this flow by bringing myself back to my breath. It gets easier each day.

I’m happy. Not cos i have accomplished certain things, or have certain people or things in my life, or anything like that. I’m happy, just to be here, being myself, being in the now. Just being. 🙂


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I have been experiencing mini breakthroughs one after another… well, they are mini, but when it comes to personal growth, i DO believe in making mountains out of molehills!

So what are the breakthroughs?

I bought a bright pink top with a waist belt… something that i would never consider wearing cos it was too “trendy” and I don’t like to show off my very short waist. So the fact that i even tried it, cos i was attracted to it twice when i walked past the top in the display window, was already pretty cool. When I looked at myself in the mirror, a part of me thought it wasn’t too bad, but the other part of me wasn’t so sure about being so obvious about the waist (“no, i will never wear such things!”). And the salesgirl wasn’t one of those who would praise you so that you would buy the outfit. She just showed me two ways to tie the ribbon and then looked at me without comments.

So what did i do? Pendulum test again! My mum is wondering why do i keep using the pendulum, and am i getting addicted???

Well, let’s put it this way. Yes i do have a brain, and i would like to think on my own. But the brain is seriously full of shit. Shit that comes in the forms of judgments, doubts, limitations, criticisms that came from years and years of absorbing it from people, mass media, religion, etc etc.

While i would like to trust myself more, i know that i’m not sufficiently cleared of all the shit within me, for me to make heart-ful decisions all the time (though i’m definitely getting much better at it).

And since i hear that angels actually specialise in different areas, i thought of calling in the Fashion Angel which i heard of before. So with a grin on my face, i asked the Fashion Angel to come in to advise me on this top, and i was quite prepared to get the answer NO (“it’s really not for you dear”).

But the pendulum swung to and fro… YES… and i almost felt Fashion Angel laughing at me… “Just get it! You look great!”

When i came out of the dressing room, the way the salesgirl responded to me was as if she didn’t have any doubt that i would buy the top. Maybe she thought i looked good in it too.

So that was one mini break through.

Second, i had a meeting with Myriam, organiser of Health and Happiness Fair in KL next March to discuss my participation as an exhibitor. I seriously had no idea why i am going there, cos i wasn’t planning to expand my healing business to overseas, and the booth is much more expensive than the one in Singapore. Again, i am just trusting my intuition and going cos the universe said i should.

Anyway it was a most interesting meeting, cos her soul sister was there, and she’s a financial advisor. Just recently, a friend did a numerology analysis for me. According to him, my master number is 8, which means i will be conquering both materialism and spirituality at the same time (actually it’s more like, i will have an issue with doing both at the same time, but right now, as i’m typing this, the word “conquering” feels right).

So here I was sitting between both of them, one who is into spirituality and had the vision of organising an event that would draw all the mainstream and alternative health workers, and the other who is not really into this stuff and loves to educate and help people with wealth management. I was like, “Hmmm…”

Anyway, we had a beautiful lunch meeting, and I had the pleasure of meeting Myriam’s beautiful son who has the most charming eyebrows (ahhahaha) and charismatic personality. Her soul sister was telling me about a wonderful massage place she often goes to, and i was delighted to hear that it was at the shopping centre near where i live.

So yesterday since i had some spare time, i went to check the place out. I almost never go for massages… they are like special treats, meant as a luxury to be enjoyed once in a blue moon. But i realised that i spend a lot of time helping others, and i spend a lot of time taking care of my spiritual health, but i don’t really spend much time on my physical health.

So i treated myself to a $10 10-min shoulder massage, and the lady was pretty horrified by the size of the knots on my neck and shoulders. I was horrified by the pain. Hahaha…. ok, it wasn’t that bad, but the session did made me realise that self-care is not meant to be a once-in-a-blue-moon thing. It needs to be regular and sufficient AND cover all levels of the being, or how would i have the energy to care for others?

So i’m making the commitment to myself now, to go for sessions at this massage centre at least once a fortnight. Ok, ideally i should be going twice a week, but even now, it feels a bit too much of an indulgence, so let’s take it one step at a time. 🙂

When my friend met me, i was secretly enjoying these new feelings of “I love taking care of myself”, and he told me i looked different. Blissful. I told him that was exactly how i felt. Blissful!

3rd breakthrough, i met up with my sis and for the first time in my life, stood up for myself, expressed my beliefs and my truths, and felt very strong in doing so. Obviously she wasn’t pleased, and i think she was rather shaken. But i have never felt better in my life. And of cos, i didn’t do it to make her feel bad. But after what i have been through in this past week or so, i now RESPECT and VALUE bad feelings like nothing else. It’s amazing how i have been “made” to experience my teachings inside out. That even bad feelings are to be honoured. And feelings are really our teachers and our healers, and by trusting them to be our ally, we heal, and we grow.

So if she feels bad, GOOD! And i do hope that she receive all the resources for healing, so that the gunk gets transformed into seeds for enlightenment.

4th breakthrough – i had my first overseas EFT phone consultation today!!! This lady first contacted me many months back after reading one of my articles that got accepted in Gary Craig’s EFT Insights newsletter. (word count 1114). Obviously i wasn’t ready then, cos we never managed to scheduled for a session.

However recently she got back in touch and we had our first session today. (Word count: 1144!) It was originally meant to be a 1 hour session, but cos things were really flowing, she extended it to 2 hours.

I feel SO GOOD about that session! Aside from the fact that my phone isn’t very good so sometimes the words get fuzzy (which is ok, cos then i learn to listen with the heart), i thought it was a pretty fantastic session, almost as good as seeing a client face-to-face. Of cos, that’s MY perspective, but there were obvious shifts during the session and she emailed me to thank me after that, so guess now i just have to wait for her updates in the days to come.

Nothing can be better… i think… than doing what gives you joy…. in your pyjamas! I can honestly do this all day long. Universe, if it’s right, do send me more phone consultation clients! 🙂

And saving the best for last…. through all my interactions with many different pple in the last few days, i came to realise something very important.

I am complete already. There is nothing and nobody I need in my life to make me happy. Because of that, I have SO MUCH to give…. which means, i’m already rich. With this understanding, I can only expand even more from today onwards, till I become fully enlightened in this very lifetime. And anyone who is in my presence, will start to realise for themselves that the riches and happiness they seek are all within themselves.

And so it is.

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