A new chapter

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Many many new things happening for me in this relatively short period of 3 months.

Leaving my job to start my own practice.

Leaving my marriage to step into independence and reclaiming of personal power.

Leaving fuzzylena@yahoo.com to lenachen82@yahoo.com

Today i decluttered my old bedroom at my mum’s place. The maid arrived today, so things were cleared in a jiffy. Thank you universe for sending me manpower!

I also decided to cut my hair much shorter. I have this new theory, that when we have huge changes in our life, the “old DNA” gets moved to the dead cells of the body – nails, outermost layer of our skin, hair. That’s why women cut their hair when they go through breakups or dramatic changes in their lives. I have this feeling that we are literally removing the old DNA in our body.

I have been wanting to cut my hair for a few days now, despite a relatively recent haircut just about a month ago. Obviously, the old DNA wanted OUT! So i asked the universe for a great haircut, and this morning, when i told my sis i wanted my hair really short, she told me the salon near our place which is really cheap, was not too good with short hair. She told me to go to another one which we are regulars of, which is $25 instead of $4.90, but is really good.

I was like, “ok, the universe is sending me my great haircut this way… at least i know who to go to” and i know this hairstylist not only has excellent skills, but is very intuitive as well, and has the knack of styling your hair in a way that suits your personality. But i only had $5 in my wallet and didn’t feel like drawing money from my bank acct since my money was depleting.

Well, i didn’t fret about it and just went back to my room to the computer. Interestingly, the internet connection didn’t get started. It was as if the universe was telling me, “Not the internet now! You need to do something first.”


“Ask your sister to sponsor you for the haircut.”

Hmmm…. okaaayyyy…..

So i did, and she handed over the money, with a slight wry grimace, but well, there’s my sponsored haircut!

And I went back to the computer. Still the internet connection won’t start.

“What else?”

“Tell her about Inner Dance.” There was a free Inner Dance preview that evening.

Okaayyyy…. so i went along to tell her about it, and she was as usual skeptical and doubtful, but she asked me for details.

So I went back to the computer to retrieve the info, and this time i restarted the comp. Ok, a bit duh huh… maybe i shld have done that right from the start. But then i wldn’t have asked the universe for guidance and i wldn’t have gotten my sponsored haircut!

Anyway, i passed her the info, and i have this feeling that she went to check it out. Inner Dance has helped me so much in my transformation. I sure hope it would help her too. Anywayz, i have done what i could… the rest is up to her. šŸ™‚

Btw, the haircut was great. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I now sport a really cool and sexy bob! This guy is really good… i’m going to have him cut my hair from now on! Already received a number of compliments on my hair today… and well, most importantly, i like it!

What else is new? I have a new way of working my healing sessions. I have been connecting with friends in these 2 days, and doing healing for them, and the universe “pushed” me to try out something new, which seems to be IT. A combination of Inner Dance, sound healing and…. channeling! The channeling is an unexpected outcome from Ailee’s sessions where while in trance, her client gets to dialogue with their “upstairs” whomever that may be. After 2 sessions with her, i seem to have gotten the hang of making that connection, and the Inner Dance and toning just puts me into trance mode, which makes the channeling happen almost automatically.

So far, the feedback’s been great, and the sessions leave me feeling highly energised. I’m almost like “begging” pple to let me try out my new healing stuff on them, cos it’s so interesting to experience myself doing new things in every session – new movements, new tunes, and it’s been really lovely channeling Guan Yin. She’s SOOOO happy! Whenever i feel her energy, i just wanna laugh all the time. And she’s so sweet too… heehee… so i can basically do this work all day long. Well, i’m gonna keep offering free sessions to pple until i develop this thing to the point when it feels like i shld charge. But then again, who knows. Maybe the energy exchange can be facilitated by the universe, so that i get provided for not directly by the recipient of the healing but in other ways.

Anyway, it’s interesting cos while the healing was offered for free, i gained both the intangible benefits of experience and connecting with the Divine, as well as tangible stuff such as free meal, free snacks, and objects like umbrella and book… little stuff, but which are really useful and practical for me. And the universe is definitely rewarding me, cos i’m receiving gifts all day long. Words of encouragement from advertisements and signs. Number signs appearing like crazy. My intuition getting louder and louder, and it’s getting easier for me to pay attention to it.

I even received an options trading chart from these AIA folks. The last time we met, I mentioned to them i was going to learn options trading. Today we met up, and the guy passed me the chart, which his friend gave to him over a year ago and which he had no use for cos he was into forex trading. The lady told me that he went to search for it, which i really appreciated, especially since we had only met once before. The two of them are such kind and helpful pple… and today, again, they gave me plentiful useful tips and advice on investments and trading. I feel like they are teachers that the universe sent me to guide me on the path of material success. I’m blessed, to have teachers for both the material and the spiritual… thanks universe!

The last thing that is new… my blog! It is time for me to move on… even this blog. I’m no longer fuzzy wuzzy…hahaha… and since i can’t change the user id, i gotta change my blog. Also, i feel like it’s time for me to blog in a different way as well. Still personal sharing, but less me-me-me, and more of insights about life and healing. I’m ready to step into my role of being a teacher, and blogging would be one of my means of teaching.

So here’s a big thank you to those of you who have been following my blog. Even if i may not know you in real life, we are connected energetically, and a huge reason why i write the things i write is also because of the energy on the other end.. which is you! (word count: 1212)

The year is coming to an end, and i expect whatever is no longer fitting, will continue to be purged out. I’m very very pleased with my year so far. It’s been interesting… chaotic at times, but it allowed me to walk my talk of “finding peace through life’s ups and downs” which is the tagline for my company Lena’s Healing Haven.

And so, it’s with great pleasure, that i invite you to visit my new blog http://soulmelodies.wordpress.com.

Thank you fuzzynale and Sweet Miracles… it’s been great while it lasted, and you will always be a part of me, even as I continue to expand into my fullest potential.


Sign language

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Today has been nothing short of miraculous. I have been getting signs all day long. I saw the sign for “SingHealth” which reminded me of the sound healing I have been doing… singing my clients back to health! Then i realised, wait a minute. SINGAPORE! Maybe that’s why i chose to live her…. (word count: 31). A friend mentioned to me recently that new healing energies would be closely associated with the heart chakra, and involving light and sound. I know that my heart chakra is very much developed from all the om mani padme hung chanting, and Remedia confirmed that when she psychically saw a pink and green lotus in my heart, and i am getting more familiar with using my voice as a healing tool each day. Things are definitely starting to fall into place.

Another sign i saw was the motto on a school, where below the Christian cross were the words “Friendship, body and mind” which reminded me of my earlier entry where i was expressing gratitude for the friends in my life. Then i realised something. It is usually “body, mind and spirit”. Perhaps, spirit expresses itself in the form of friendship. Again, i just read a recent article by Karen Bishop (www.emergingearthangels.com) where she talks about human connections being very energising for us, and how those who used to need lots of space and privacy are starting to move out of their cocoons to reconnect with the world. Geez, now that sounds familiar! šŸ™‚

And yet another one… “Why hide… show off”… from some skin care advertisement. Haha… (draft saved at 1:08:30 am)

Don’t roll your eyes and think i’m being delusional k. This is the very kind of thinking that prevents you from noticing all the miracles and synchronicities that are appearing in your life. PAY ATTENTION! That’s what i did today, and boy… the universe has been talking to me All Day Long. (word count: 318)

And i was well rewarded by the most fabulous session with Ailee today. It was to help me (word count: 333) gain clarity on my relationships, but in the end, the session turned out to be for her as well, cos she got me to connect to her “upstairs” and boy did he have lots to say to her.

There was mention of a love one waiting for her, which she was in denial about till today, and she finally was ready to accept his presence, though she did not know who he was yet. We were (time 1:11am!) told that he was at the holistic fair but Ailee didn’t notice him… which was apparently because she was still rejecting the idea of getting into a relationship.

Well, right after the session ended, i had to go straight to the bathroom, and while on the toilet seat, a namecard slipped out from my pants (okie, i have to admit that i haven’t washed my pants from wearing it on the 1st day of the fair). Ta-da! I remembered this person, and he does the exact same thing as Ailee – spiritual hypnosis and coaching – and with a couple of other stuff revealed during the session, he was without a doubt The One.

He’s from KL.. and guess what… it just so happens that Ailee is making a trip to KL in the next few weeks time. Wow Wee!!!!!

Ok, it’s always cool to read about love miracles like these (I totally loved the book on soulmates’ reunion by Brian Weiss)… but it’s quite another thing to be the messenger AND the bridge! Gosh… super cool, with a capital S and a C!

Another interesting synchronicity noted today was related to the number 33. I deliberately chose booth number 33 at the fairĀ because of both the location and the fact tat it’s a master number, and 3’s have been popping up into my life with great regularity recently. This morning i typed in the email addresses left at my booth and with great surprise, there were exactly 33 of them. C’mon….

Today, on the way to a friend’s place for a chat, i looked out of the window and again, saw 33 on the HDB block. Gee….

Some of you may say this is due to Law of Attraction. But it’s a chicken and egg question. Why would i be attracting 33’s if 33’s hadn’t come into my life first?

Anyways, let’s not get too left-brained about this. For me, signs and messages of this kind makes life supremely magical, and i feel like i’m connected to the spiritual hotline 24/7. Be skeptical if you wish, but i love living my life like this!!!

Also just had a really gd talk with my mum… and thanks to Ho’oponopono and tapping, many many things got clarified. Of cos, she got teary and stuff, but relatively speaking, she was much less teary which i attribute to me tapping right in front of her! I think we are much more understanding of each other now and hey… things may not be so bad after all. Yahoo!

Well, i’m getting more and more optimistic by the day that things would turn out more than ok, and i’m definitely on my way to achieving my spiritual mission. Still don’t quite know exactly how it looks like yet… and honestly, i am just as excited as a kid waiting for Christmas to come so he can open up his pressies. Ok… not THAT excited la… but that feeling of happy anticipation is definitely there.

So looking forward to Masterminding with EFT this Friday!

Coming home

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For a long period of time, i used to blog about my “golden age” of JC times, when I used to be ultra creative and can write as many as 4 songs in one day. Yes, instead of listening to the boring lectures, i would be making up tunes, writing the lyrics, basically having an entire orchestra being played out in my head, where I am the conductor, the singer, the musicians… etc.

Those were the times when i was confident, comfortable in my own skin, journalled plenty (and back then it was the traditional book and pen), and spent many hours conversing with my best friend about life, love, and being who we are.

It was great! I was in love with mysef, and the whole world knew it. My JC form teacher picked me to be the class rep “cos you seem to know what you are doing”. I laughed when my other class rep taunted me onceĀ for being anti-social when i chose to sit at my own table away from the gang cos i wanted to write in my diary. I hung out with whomever i wanted, including folks from other classes, stayed on my own whenever i wanted. The world was my playground, and everyone wanted to play with me. It was likeĀ pple found me interesting and exciting cos i was so FULL of myself. I know that phrase is used in a negative way, but like the word “self-centred” (being centred in the Self), i take it to be very positive. We are meant to be full… full in spirit, full in beingness, being whole in our power and self-knowing.

So when I “lost” it in the next few years, i used to moan and groan all the time in my blog about how i miss that JC self who was so full of herself.

Well, i found her! She’s back! Thanks to Inner Dance, i’m back – better, bigger and bolder! I am talking to pple the way i used to do so in JC… very at ease, present, and interesting because i like myself so much. Correction. I LOVE myself so much!

Once again, the universe is mirroring that back to me. Miracles are happening all around me. Seriously! I have stopped wearing a watch, firstly cos it’s heavy and makes clicking noises when i tap. Secondly, cos i realise that the universe orchestrates everything for me so perfectly that i dun really need to watch the time anymore.

I first discovered this when my clients would cancel appointments in a way that fits my energy level and timing. That was when i realised, “Hey, i got a divine PA!” (word count: 441). The next relevation occured when i was rushing for this Nuskin talk. Being blur, i went to the wrong venue and was already running late. But instead of running, i asked the universe to lead me, and interestingly, i found my legsĀ running almost on their own. I was running, but without exerting much effort. It was as if there was a force behind me, gearing me up and i was allowing myself to be pushed along. Typically, when i have to run for such a distance, i would be panting, but that evening, i arrived hardly feeling breathless at all. And guess what? I arrived right on time after all because theĀ entrance ticket i got hadĀ theĀ lucky draw – 11 38. (3+8 = 11). I didn’t win…. but I wasn’t expecting to, and the talk turned out to be a little boring, but i did have a very gd impression of the Nuskin president (very humbleĀ with aĀ big heart), and of cos, i realised i could run like the wind without getting out of breath, when i get a little push from behind. šŸ˜›

There were other indications as well, like receiving a message at the last Inner Dance retreat that what i needed to let go of was Time (the other was myself). And for some reason, i keep remembering this little story of the Dalai Lama, that he would step out of the hotel room, take a very leisurely walk to his destination, and reach there right on time, not a minute earlier or later – without a watch btw!

Conclusion? I just need to live in the Now. By being fully present in each moment, I will always be at the right place at the right time.

In fact, something funny i recently read in this book that mentions intergalactic stuff (a little like Star Trek, only this info is all real…. errr… assuming that Star Trek isn’t…who knows!), says that us human beings are probably the only species (word count: 777) in the whole universe that can measure something that doesn’t exist in the first place.

Well, i used to look at my watch like ALL the time. So to go around without a watch, it’s definitely a milestone in my personal devt. And my life has never been more wonderfully panned out. I woke up late from an afternoon nap, and realised my friend has probably been downstairs waiting for about 10 min. I didn’t really rush, and when i went down, he looked like he was enjoying the nature downstairs. So after we got the booth set up in Fort Canning Centre, which took faster than i thought, i had 2 hours to spare before Prosperity with EFT. At first i tot we might sit ard and chat, but he had something on. I didn’t bring a book out, and frankly didn’t have any idea what to do.

In the end, i got “waylaid” by an AIA person, and at first i was giving my usual conditioned “don’t touch me, i’m not interested” response. Then i dropped it, and i started listening. It turned into a 2 hour session where i got some pretty good solid advice on investments and financial planning. Well, it felt like i was getting free education, and the lady who joined us halfway really knew what she was doing in her investments, plus, she’s born in the Year of the Dog, but one cycle older than me. Dogs are really loyal and hardworking creatures… so i kinda feel like if i become her customer, i’ll be in very good hands.

Then later, after Prosperity with EFT (which turned out to be the coolest session ever…this is so my thing!), my ex-colleague E was still ard, which was great cos i have this really gd connection with her. I ended up eating the rest ofĀ her dinner which she couldn’t finishĀ – interestingly, it was just the right portion for me, and i was in the mood for fried rice too (word count: 1110), and we had this awesome chat abt love, dreams (the bedtime kind), and spiritual plans.

One thing she shared with me was something i found most profound. She had a session with Ailee recently and one of the messages she received from Kwan Yin was this: “The most compassionate thing you could do for those you love is to allow them to know you.”

Even now, these words make me pause (draft saved at 12:12:00). I have never ever heard those words before anywhere else, so this is completely original, and it’s so profound. I’m not even sure if i fully get it yet… think i need to sleep on this for the night and let my subconscious work on it a little. I think once i consciously understand this, i’ll be semi-enlightened! šŸ˜›

Well, the universe is communicating me almost 24/7 these days. This afternoon, i saw on the bus in front of the bus i was on, this advertisement ad with these words popping out at me “Even when things seem tough, we will keep you on the right track.” That’s really reassuring, though i sure hope that message was talking about what i have already recently been through, rather than what’s coming up! (word count: 1318)

Aside from the reassurances and advice i get from advertisements all around me, there is the music as well, from the radio, shops, whatever. I’m really into dancing and singing these days, so i am also paying more attention to the music there is ard me. Sometimes they are songs i want to dance to. Sometimes they are songs describing my life and how i’m feeling. Sometimes they are songs about what the universe wants me to know. It’s a little like the movie Dancer in the Dark, starring Bjork,Ā about a factory girlĀ living a tedious and mundane life, and asĀ she slowly turns blind,Ā ironically, her life transforms into a colourful musical filled with songs and music.

And talking about dancing. I’m just crazy about dancing these days. 2 days ago i somehow decided to go to the gym which i haven’t been to for months. Again, it was timely cos when i arrived, a dance class has just started, and boy – not only is the dance instructor super good-looking, he’s really humourous, and the little dance choreographies he come up with are so fun, plus the choice of music was great. So I had a blast of a time in that class… and can’t wait to attend it again next Wed!

Tonight i was talking to E about dancing as well. Turns out she’s into attending dance classes, so we were chatting a little about how it’s a nice way of getting intimate with the opposite sex in a very safe way. I was asking her about where she attends her dance lessons, but she couldn’t recall. I’m like, ok…willĀ continue to keep a lo0kout for dance classes.

Later on the way home, i received an sms with Ā the details about this dinner that my friends invited me to go tomorrow night. I thought it was more of a formal function, perhaps some charity event. Imagine my thrill and delight when I saw the event title “Festiva La Danze” and found that it’s organised by A&J Creative Danceworld (and this name sounds really familar… could i have picked up their flyer before?). Not only that, the table number is 29.

Well… as i said, miracles seem to be happening in my life 24/7, and i’m so loving it. My life is becoming like Dancer in the Dark – except that i’m not surrounded by dangerous machines, and i’m all LIGHT!

Wonder what miracles are going to happen to me during Body Mind Spirit Festival this weekend…. šŸ™‚ Whatever it is, i’m ready! (word count: 1740)

PS: Thanks universe for this AWESOME life!

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