Right or Happy?

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Another fantastic article from the Insights from Uriel Heals newsletter:

When we interact with people who are not open to understanding, who are not able to see or recognize the light we have to share with them, no matter how obvious it is to us and how much we know it will make them happy, we are frustrated and angry. And right now, with the clearing opportunities that are availability to everyone, we can easily fall into the trap of trying to help someone find their light, to see their way through their darkness and see the truth as we see it.
But in trying to be right, we are making ourselves unhappy. And we are making the other person unhappy as well. Who is right? We both are. Who is wrong? No one is. Each of us is on our path and each one of us is right within our own being, stepping on the path that we believe is right for us and creating our life with the information that we believe to be our truth. While it may not be right for someone else, until we decide that we need a change, it is right for
us. And this is true for everyone. Trying to change that when we or someone else are not ready for change just makes everyone unhappy.
We will not be judged by Creator (because Creator never judges us) based on how many people we convert to our way of thinking, how many we convince to accept the light or how many people follow our lead. Rather, we will judged ourselves based on how we lived our life, how happy we allowed ourselves to be, how much we were willing to live in acceptance, free of judgment and criticism, of ourselves and others. If given the choice, would you rather be right or be happy?
If we asked that question of ourselves every day, with every situation, we would find that our choices may change. How often do we push ourselves in a certain direction because we
want to justify our decisions and sacrifices, rather than ask ourselves if that path makes us happy? For today, give yourself the option of being happy. Choose something in your life that is a burden to you and ask yourself if you are trying to be right or happy? Then pay attention to the guidance you receive? You can always be right but the path of happiness is one that will let you be right and happy, follow your passion, fulfill your dreams and create your own version of heaven on earth.

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